Goodbye to All That, London!


It’s been an excellent three weeks, even if the weather and fragile health have not always gone our way. I’ve eaten my way through London and a small corner of Dorset; hit up plenty of new spots; also went to the old haunts, most of which are well or better than they’ve been before.  



This is as we hope will be the case for the things and people we love – that when we next get to see them, they will in some way be better and better. So here’s to new jobs and careers, new companions and lovers, new things learned and accomplished by dear old friends. 


Thank you to my two wonderful friends for hosting me, thank you to all the friends who have gone out for a munch or a spot of tea, and thank you London in general. You’re a chilly, slightly aloof, but vastly read, truly diverse and amazingly beautiful dame. That’s how I remember you and you’ve lost none of that.



(Needless to say, there will be plenty of articles about London over the next few weeks. I’ve been too busy eating and drinking to actually do much writing. Hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless!)

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