Sunday Reading List – 15 May, 2016

Every Sunday, Babette brings you a few articles – the cool, the tasty and the intriguing. If your plan for Sunday is lazy, then let’s laze with a little reading (and a little bossa nova)!

In this week’s instalment – Nestlé and diabetes, Singlish, a historical (if not linguistic) ancestor of Singlish, and one dark side of our food supply chain.

Nestlé health foods

1. Nestlé’s Plan to Sell Snacks with Cures

The more we find out about sugar, the scarier it is – fattening, mind-numbing and highly addictive. But as governments work to regulate and rein in the addition of sugar in all sorts of foods, Nestlé – one of the world’s biggest companies, which sells a lot of that sugar – now has its eye on the health market.


2. The Resilience and Rise of Singlish

Singlish kana cockroach liddat – step also won’t die, spray also won’t die. A BBC Magazine feature on our very own creole language, and how it has survived official attempts to stamp it out and thrive.

And incidentally, the Oxford English Dictionary has included another 19 Singlish terms in the dictionary. Not that we need Oxford to validate us – but ho say lah!



3. Kristang in Singapore – an Old Creole

Long before there were Englishmen in Malaya, there were Portuguese in Malacca. And in the same way that English mixed with local languages to make Singlish, so Portuguese mingled with Malay to make Kristang.

Now the Kristang-speaking community in Malacca and Singapore are both in decline, and this article takes a look at their linguistic heritage and the prospects for survival.


4. The Gangsters at the Doorstep

Slightly darker read than usual, but bear with me. Changes in the way we source everything – especially food – have meant changes in the labour market for farm work. In East Anglia, in the UK, these shifts have in turn allowed for exploitation and criminality.


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