Sunday Reading List – 22 May 2016

Another week has passed – and with it, yet more reading material. Bundle up with a little jazz (you may recognise this tune if you’ve watched a certain TV show) and have a gander at the Reading List.

In this week’s instalment – animals that glow, animals invading ecosystems,


1. The Secret History of Bioluminescence

A beautiful, reflective piece on a sort of light that has fascinated humanity for ages – that produced by living things themselves.

‘Despite our slick technology, we have never truly matched the ostracod or firefly. We cannot equal their intuitive mastery of illumination. Light is woven into their very biology in a way we have never known.


2. Invasive Bugs – and the Weapons to fight them

The age of travel and transportation has led to an unprecedented mingling of species across the world. Most of the time, nothing much happens. But sometimes entire ecosystems are at stake.

Ecologists liken the introduction of a non-native species to Russian roulette. Occasionally, though, it will find plentiful food and a mate and become “established”. And then it will spread.



3. Hold the Fort

The recent wildfire in Canada forced the evacuation of more than 80,000 people as it swept through Fort MacMurray. A look at this disaster through the lens of a family living in there.

The teacher issued clear instructions to the eight students piled in the back: “We’re driving through hell. Put your heads down, stare at the floorboards and shut your eyes.”


4. A Sumo Matchup Centuries in the Making

Sumo is an ancient, revered Japanese sport. And now it gets a little data mining from the people at FiveThirtyEight, a data journalism pioneer – to see how the current masters of the sport compare with the masters from centuries ago.

With all Hakuho has accomplished, his greatness is unquestionable, but his legacy is an enigma. The best way to measure Hakuho’s legacy is to pit it against legend.

Enter thunder and lightning.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I did! If you have any interesting articles for the Sunday list (or just want to talk), do drop me a line at

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