Weekend Reading List: 22 October 2016

Oh man, has it been a long time or what? I’ve been busy with work, and expect to be even busier, but I’ll make an effort to still be around. Thanks for your patience!

So, for this week’s reading: archaeology in a place that’s literally called the Great Dismal Swamp, an old language of Singapore you probably never heard of, and just one word for you: arepas.

Venezuela Arepas Lucky Peach

1. A Guide to Arepas, Lucky Peach

‘There is nothing more Venezuelan than an Arepa.’

A guide to different varieties of Venezuela’s national dish – a fried cake of corn dough, split and absolutely stuffed with different fillings. Here’s hoping Singapore – which has already seen a wave of Peruvian cooking wash along our shores – soon gets its very own arepera.


2. KristangUnravel Magazine

In Singapore, many communities are associated with a certain language – and the Eurasians, at first glance, are an exception. But they do have a language of their own, a Portuguese-based creole formed over centuries, which is shared with Malacca (another Portuguese colony). It’s called Kristang, and like so many other strange and wonderful things, it’s on the verge of dying out.


3. Escaped Slaves in the Great Dismal Swamp, Smithsonian Magazine

The whole US election thing has dug up so much racist ugliness it seems fair to look at when things were even more awful, during the period of slavery. Archaeologists are discovering how escaped slaves made a free home for themselves, in one of the US’s most inhospitable places.

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