Weekend Reading List: 6 November 2016

Not going to lie – it’s been a tough couple weeks for the old B.

In Tarakoské, a language I’ve been building for the last several years, there are two words for the state of being tired. I guess the best translation is ‘tiredness’ and ‘fatigue’. Now, tiredness is what a person experiences when he’s been doing a lot of things. Fatigue, on the other hand, is more like the material science use of the word – it’s what a person experiences when a lot of things are happening to him.

Tiredness I don’t mind. But fatigue? And, with that, the abiding sense that there was something you could have done, but somehow you didn’t and just chose to sit there and take it? So much worse. So, so much worse. Let’s hope the rest of this year will be more tired than fatiguing.

But anyway – it turns out Jupiter makes sounds! And meanwhile, for this issue: other natural sounds, a strange relic of the Cold War in the middle of nowhere in America, and a love letter film to ramen in Tampopo.

1. Natural Selection

On Irv Teibel, a man who recorded the sounds of nature – making his own sort of ‘music’.

Teibel himself was borderline obsessed with the issue, writing about speaker setup and listening conditions with the specificity and concern of a doctor outlining prescription dosages for a patient. If misused, the logic ran, the album’s intended effect was lost.


2. On Tampopo, one of the best food movies of all time

For the record, let’s just say I agree with that statement.

Goro is equally horrified by the sub-par ramen and enamored with its beautiful maker. So Goro takes Tampopo under his wing in classic Western fashion, and, after much tearful imprecation on her part and gazing into the distance on his, decides to supervise Tampopo’s metamorphosis from crawling ramen slinger to beautiful ramen butterfly.



3. The Pyramid at the End of the World

On the fate of a structure built in the 1970s, in preparation for ending the world.

The entryway to the Pyramid was once sealed by a foot-thick steel blast door sitting inside a four-foot-thick reinforced concrete wall, but now all that is keeping anyone out is a thin wooden door, absent even a lock.


Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you are doing well and will continue to do well.

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