New Opening: Yogurtland, Suntec City

This was an invited tasting. Thanks very much to the organisers and hosts. Also, Yogurtland is holding a competition – details at end of post.

How much of life is predetermined? Do we really have a choice? Is free will an illusory construct of a human mind desperate to maintain its sense of control in the face of events beyond its influence or even comprehension?

These are the questions – the big ones, anyway – that come to mind when I see a frozen yogurt shop. Well, Yogurtland – which has just launched in Suntec City – is all about the freedom. Nothing is predetermined; everything is a choice, for $3 per 100 grams.

The Suntec branch is huge for a froyo joint, right next to the Fountain of Wealth, the decor sunny and airy as Yogurtland’s native California, four gleaming machines right along the entrance. You just have to get a cup, pull yourself any (or all) of eight available flavours, then go wild at the toppings counter. This actually makes it hard to review Yogurtland. First, making something I like means I will like it. Second, the flavours themselves change every few weeks, drawing from a database of more than 200 varieties.

That said, they did pick a strong starting lineup. I am always wary of frozen chocolate desserts, but the Dutch chocolate here has plenty of aroma and complexity without drowning it all in sugar. Dragon fruit and passionfruit make a surprisingly congenial pair, their fruitiness ringing on the tongue. Mango yogurt is as intense in flavour as it is in colour.

But my strongest impression at Yogurtland, besides these, is of the team which develops these flavours, some of whom have flown over from California to attend the launch. They clearly treat local adaptation as a serious goal. We talk about the relative merits of Thai and Malaysian durians, about the Thai preference for sourness and the Australian craving for sugary varieties, the process of getting new flavours approved in different markets, and their enthusiasm is reassuring. I don’t know if froyo will be a lasting trend in Singapore, but if it will, I’m pretty sure it will include Yogurtland.


And now, the competition. You can stand to win an Apple Watch from Yogurtland by doing the following:

  • Between now and 15 Jan, visit them and make the best-looking yogurt you can,
  • Take a picture of the yogurt at their photo booth, and
  • Post it on Instagram with the tags #YogurtlandSingapore and #WatchmyYogurtland

Terms and conditions apply. Good luck!



3 Temasek Boulevard

Suntec City Fountain of Wealth


Daily, 11am – 10pm



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