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That's me, thinking about the meal I've just had.
Self portrait.


Welcome to Dear Babette!

I started this blog in May 2015 with the aim of recording my meals and restaurant experiences – the good, the meh, and the grotesque. (Hopefully, mostly the good. Bad things are fun to write about, but less fun to eat.)

Now, having moved to my own little corner of the internet, I aim to review other things as well. Films? Can! Books? Better still. Travel? If and when I have the money, sure!

Once again, make yourself and home and take your time to look around. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing every post.




  1. Dear Babette.

    : ) There is great writing in here.

    Without getting all geeky, I would just like to say, what a clear voice! In spite of all that mastication and peristalsis!

    Making my way through your entire catalogue. It’s been a joy thus far. Really, really, excellent writing.


    1. Hi there,

      Thank you so much – high praise indeed! Hope you’ll follow the blog – there’ll be more in the future for you to enjoy.


        1. Aha! How did yours turn out? Was it pork rillettes as well? I’m now looking at how to make it with salmon…

          1. Pork rillettes indeed. But it’s quite a riff off the traditional/authentic so still finding it’s character. How did yours turn out?

            Salmon sounds ace!

            Did you make your own pickles?


          2. That’s gonna be the next step, I think! I’m impatient so pickles are harder for me haha. So you’re experimenting now?

    1. Haha, maybe I’ll pass on my mother’s recipe for salt-pickled limes on the blog – those have been known to keep for years and years…

  2. My dear Babette,
    How kind of you to visit and like my little Bliss ( blog is such a vulgar term).
    Your bliss is very interesting as I have never visited Singapore.
    I will follow you and look forward to reading your writing.
    Talking of writing, I have a book published on Amazon.
    Celia Ladygarden and the Curious Curiosity.
    Perhaps you would like to read it.
    Kind Regards

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Otherwise, I might never have found your lovely website and I’m so glad I did. Your posts are beautifully written. I look forward to following along.

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