UX Comparison: How to Hold your Drink

As a fellow alumna of the User Experience Design Immersive once mentioned – once you learn about user experience, you end up analysing all sorts of things unconsciously in the UX frame of mind. Is it easily usable? Is it useful? How can it be improved on these two fronts?

And recently I’ve been thinking about the matter of holding your drink, after you buy it from a shop. It’s the sort of thing people don’t really think about, not until it goes wrong; in that respect, it’s a little like opening doors. (Which is a process marred by lots of bad design, as this video shows). So how, in Singapore, are drinks held?

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Review: Cheese tea at LiHO

This was an invited tasting. Much gratitude to the hosts, organisers and fellow guests.

Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon, but if you ask me, the history of bubble tea in Singapore is one long story of featuritis. Not too long ago we had milk tea, with or without those wonderful tapioca pearls, and that was that. Now I spend almost as long at the counter deciphering the available options as I do actually drinking the tea.

Of course, most of you know about LiHO now – though more as a function of mourning for Gong Cha, whose outlets will be replaced by the local brand. But when LiHO came with an invitation to try their cheese tea, I knew nothing about that. I was slightly conflicted. To be honest, it sounded gimmicky – just another topping for tea. Except… cheese. Even if I was skeptical, I felt I had to find out.

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