Bite-by-bite: Eggs Benedict with Cured Salmon, The Missing Pan

I present thee the dish under scrutiny herein.

Note: Sometimes I am struck by one dish, or visit a restaurant alone and so will order just one dish; Bite-by-Bite will be where I review the dishes I’ve had. I might follow up with a full review of the restaurant later, so do keep an eye out!

Ah, Bukit Timah – there’s nothing like visiting one’s high school neighbourhood to make someone feel old, even if the changes have been surprisingly limited. Sure, there no longer is a Tenderfresh at Coronation Plaza, but fried chicken is bad for health anyway so fair enough. But I’m here for something new, I suppose, and when I pass The Missing Pan – a lovely mix of bakery and restaurant, connected by elevator – something on the menu catches my eye.

Eggs Benedict with Cured Salmon. Sure, I’ll read the menu to make it look like I’m considering all my options, but it’s all a facade – I’m already sold. And yet, thinking back on it now… I’m troubled.

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Restaurant Review: Kazbar, Church Street

The spread.
The spread.

This is how we are with wine and beautiful food: We want, and get drunk with wanting… — Rumi (1207 – 1273)

Kensington is one of my favourite parts of London, a triangle of three pleasures – the complex of museums (Science, Natural History, Victoria and Albert); music at the Royal Albert Hall; and meze or sweets at Comptoir Libanais.

Sure, it’s a chain; sure, there are probably better Middle Eastern joints in London. But when you’ve been under the brightly coloured eaves enough times, sipping on mint tea and swirling falafels in tahini and brushing flakes of honey-soaked puff-pastry from your lips, you end up getting pretty drunk with wanting.

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